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We love challenges and being challenged, especially when it comes to guiding you and your business through digital transformation.

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"Our vision is to become the leading Digital Transformation Partner* in the Nordics to empower our customers to reach their full potential"
- Nicklas Persson, CEO AddPro

* By"Digital Transformation Partner" we mean that AddPro develops, improves and innovates the entire business process together with our customers, from start to finish.

Changing the game.

With the highest skills, the greatest passion and the best behaviour in the market, we solve complex business challenges, find innovative ways and create competitiveness for our partners.

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We empower your full potential.

Improving day-to-day operations and creating increased customer value are important goals for most companies and organisations. A creative, challenging and trustworthy partnership is the key to creating "the extra ordinary out of the ordinary"

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Are you facing a change? There are three questions that need to be answered when you are facing a change that you want to implement in a controlled way: where are we, where do we want to go and what is the journey in between.

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Five steps from unstructured thoughts to a common plan

Creating a roadmap means making a change journey from unstructured thoughts that flit around uncontrollably in employees' heads to formulating and visualising a clear vision and plan that the whole company can rally around...

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Blog post

VIVA el buen trabajo - Creating better working days

Viva is a concept within the Microsoft sphere that provides a common meeting point for employees. The idea is to be a hub for different parts of the tools, such as intranet, communication channels, meeting chats, video calls. At a time ...

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