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We love challenges and being challenged, especially when it comes to guiding you and your business through digital transformation.

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"Our vision is to become the leading Business Transformation Partner* in the Nordics to empower our customers to reach their full potential"
- Nicklas Persson, CEO AddPro

*By"Business Transformation Partner" we mean that AddPro develops, improves and innovates the entire business process together with our customers, from start to finish.

Changing the game.

With the highest skills, the greatest passion and the best behaviour in the market, we solve complex business challenges, find innovative ways and create competitiveness for our partners.

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We empower your full potential.

Improving day-to-day operations and creating increased customer value are important goals for most companies and organisations. A creative, challenging and trustworthy partnership is the key to creating "the extra ordinary out of the ordinary"

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Security threats are increasing and becoming more sophisticated, prompting the need for modern and effective security solutions. Nowadays, all organisations are potential hunting grounds where threats in various forms have gone from the exception to the new normal.

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SOC: Security threats in today's modern organisations

IT security is high on the agenda in today's modern organisations. Sure, it may feel like everything is on track after reviewing the incident logs last week when ...

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Microsoft's SOC - giving your organisation security

Employees in your organisation work with their company computers in different locations. It provides a sense of freedom - but it's also risky. In order for the increased number of warning signals to be recorded and assessed, today's ...

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