change management

Change management is a structured way of guiding individuals, groups and organisations from a current situation to a new position. 

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By getting those involved to understand why the change is necessary, it is possible to achieve behavioural changes that will make the changes last. For example, if project managers in an IT project focus on implementing a new IT system, they work in parallel with the change managers to ensure that users are both able and willing to use the new tool.

If a change does not deliver the impact and benefits that management anticipated or if there is resistance and challenges in gaining buy-in from the business. Examples could be that the journey to the cloud did not have the impact on productivity that was anticipated, or that the new tool rolled out to all staff is not being used as planned and they are falling back on old ways of working.

AddPro has certified change managers and consultants with extensive experience in introducing working methods and tools to the business. AddPro can offer all elements of a change process such as business consultants, change managers, trainers and consultants with technical understanding.

Typically, a change manager from AddPro is involved in project deliveries where the business requires change or where a technical project has not created the value that was expected. In this case, it is a great advantage to engage a change manager from AddPro because resource allocation and assignment is handled internally at AddPro. Typically, change management services are delivered on an ongoing basis.