Compliance & Risk Management

Effective management and governance of an organisation's cybersecurity work is a prerequisite for responding to and managing cyber threats and risks. It is also an important part of ensuring that business and legal requirements related to cybersecurity are met.

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In many organisations, cybersecurity work is conducted reactively. The challenge is to be more proactive. Our experts help organisations to establish and tailor management systems that enable a more structured and proactive approach. We also conduct reviews of existing management systems and help you identify and address gaps.

With a well-functioning management system, internal control over cybersecurity is improved. It also enables effective interaction between the IT security department, the IT organisation and the business. The result is an improved level of security through fewer and better controlled risks, and a more efficient handling of security incidents.

A basic prerequisite for effective cybersecurity work is to identify the internal and external cybersecurity requirements, as well as the threats and risks to which you are exposed.The next step is to define a management system with processes, procedures and organisation that enable structured work. This is followed by a change process to implement the management system.