Datacenter & Network Security

Leverage Azure's secure IT operations capabilities by implementing features where Azure becomes your single pane of glass for everything you need. Datacenter & Network Security covers the entire spectrum from what resides in on-premises datacenters but also what is delivered from various cloud services.  

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Today, threats and attacks are happening faster than ever as the threat landscape is constantly growing. Keeping up to date and secure with all the new technologies and features available is a time-consuming task. An IT environment consisting of firewalls, virtual servers or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cannot be static and must be constantly updated to meet new threats.

AddPro helps you to ensure that your environment is up to date so that your business can feel safe.

We can also offer new technology that replaces traditional servers and firewalls with virtually maintenance-free SaaS services.

AddPro delivers both operational services in the Datacenter and Network security area, and also offers proactivity where we continuously scan your environment to make it safer and more efficient to use. We have the expertise and experience to evolve your current environment into a future-proofed environment that allows you to sleep well at night.