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Our way of working has changed recently and we use document storage and collaboration tools on a daily basis. One example is Microsoft Teams, which is now central to our daily work and is used for meetings, collaboration and document sharing.

The technology is in place and the conditions are ideal for further development and better structure and working methods. We need to continue working on the document lifecycle, information architecture and training our users to create structure and get the best value.

Our modern way of working needs to be integrated with processes for scanning and managing all types of documents, and the aim may be to automate parts of the document flow and incoming information. Printing to modern print solutions in the cloud is an important part of the whole process and needs to be easy for the user. AddPro can help the customer all the way, from mapping the document flow and process, to digitizing and automating.

In many organisations, there is a lack of structure and governance in how documents are managed and classified. There are duplications and many still work in silos. The document lifecycle is not defined and there is no governance to comply with rules and laws. Users struggle to find templates, search for information that already exists and many have not received the training required to take advantage of the smart tools in Microsoft 365 that the business is paying for. Document printing is not done with modern cloud solutions and the management of devices for printing is not efficient and automated.

By setting guidelines and training users in the right and good way of working, we achieve a common understanding of document management and give our colleagues more time for other things. Lifecycle management and information classification help us to have structure, to quickly find the right information and to be compliant with the most common rules and laws. There are likely to be costs to be saved in terms of decommissioned file servers and other legacy document portals. Printing and scanning of documents is simplified and becomes easily accessible to users and integrated into the whole document lifecycle.

Fast-paced agile projects that usually start with needs analysis and workshops. Delivery is usually by a team of consultants with expertise in the Modern Work area. Print and scanning solutions are delivered with management agreements.