Structured regulatory compliance work and management of services, systems and business development initiatives.

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All organisations need to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations that exist for the specific industry they operate in. It is not just something that companies and organisations have to do - it is also something that they increasingly need to be able to prove that they are doing. Whether the reason is of a mandatory nature or to increase competitiveness, AddPro can help your company with a structured approach to regulatory compliance. 

The purpose of governance models is to manage the support of digital solutions used by an organisation through clear structures, with procedures, processes and tools that ensure the effective implementation of the governance mission. 

The major challenge of certifying your organisation against various regulations and ensuring that digital services and initiatives are managed in a sustainable way is to conduct the work in a structured, consistent and ongoing manner. AddPro has the tools, methods and experience to conduct compliance work and to develop management models.

Ensure compliance with the laws and regulations to which the company is subject. It is not always possible to free up internal resources to work on compliance issues and the knowledge in this area may not be available and external resources are needed. By implementing governance models, clients can increase efficiency and quality while reducing the cost of IT management.

Services can be delivered by individual business consultants, but preferably a team together with technical or area-specific knowledge.

It is possible to combine the advantages of different management models and avoid their disadvantages to further streamline and combine business management via models such as ITIL and pm3 service management. Typically, organisations develop their own models or implement adaptations of existing models. Often there is also a need for variants of management models to handle both classic IT systems and new digital services. With AddPro's help, your business will have a solution that supports your continued development journey.