Investigation & Basis for Decision

A feasibility study can be crucial to the outcome of a proposed change. Asking the right questions early, before important decisions are made, significantly increases the chances of staying on schedule, while reducing both risks and costs.

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Businesses that ask us to conduct feasibility studies are often faced with some kind of decision that needs to be made, a direction that needs to be chosen. On the one hand, it is of course important that a good option is chosen, but it is also the case that the absence of a good basis for the decision prevents the business from moving forward. Thus, a good basis for decision-making needs to be developed without dragging on too long!

After the feasibility study is completed, a technical implementation project often awaits. Using AddPro for the feasibility study creates the best possible conditions for a successful transition to the implementation project, as AddPro has both consultants with feasibility study expertise and consultants with technical expertise and a very good cooperation between different areas of expertise.

During the feasibility study, we gather the information needed to build the foundations and conditions for the implementation of a successful project. Here we have several tools to use. Our information gathering can be done through anything from surveys, interviews, analysis of use cases, to workshops. Together with the client, AddPro helps to define the purpose and goals. We analyse the current situation, create a picture of future needs and conditions, and finally come up with a solution proposal.