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AddPro has long and solid experience in moving business IT services to public cloud services. We have worked with hundreds of migration projects and developed a process and a way of working that creates great value and increased impact for businesses.

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While many companies have already moved email, documents and collaboration tools to the cloud, there is often a need to move between environments. For example, when companies consolidate and need to move to a common IT environment.

Major changes in the IT environment such as migrations and moves to new IT environments often have a deadline and require a large amount of work to succeed. This is rarely manageable by the line business and requires deep expertise in the systems to be moved and sometimes all the expertise needs to be available at the same time. It is difficult to build up in-house experience of migrating and moving the IT environment as it is not usually done very often.

AddPro can provide project managers, technical consultants and user support to ensure a successful migration. To achieve the best value from the move, we can also provide change managers and trainers. AddPro has completed hundreds of migrations and with that expertise we ensure that deadlines and goals are met.

Migration projects are almost always delivered as a project with a dream team and with the skills needed based on the conditions. Working closely with your IT department/requirement setter is a success factor and provides the best results. A handover to line business is often added to the project and the new environment needs to be managed. AddPro can also handle the operation and management of the new IT environment.