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Today, an accessible, stable and secure network is a matter of course for all organisations and businesses. Over the years, AddPro has created simple and agile solutions that provide flexible offices and environments for your users.

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AddPro's network offering consists of Firewall as a Service Prem, LAN as a Service and WiFi as a Service. Simple and agile solutions that create flexible offices and environments for your users.

Firewall as a Service

AddPro's Firewall as a Service service is based on the proven Next-Gen Firewall, enabling everything from a small installation to advanced firewall clusters that optimally secure your network. With Firewall on Prem, you get a complete, managed infrastructure that includes all active components. AddPro ensures that the firewall environment is set up efficiently and with quality assurance. The service also provides support for the access rules that should apply to employees and systems. Firewall on prem includes advanced capabilities for managing application and web page level traffic, antivirus and intrusion protection.

LAN as a Service
The LAN as a Service service enables connected workstations, printers, projectors, smart boards, servers and other devices to communicate efficiently within the company with high performance according to the current industry standard over time.

LAN as a Service is a local area network with proven, high-performance products where AddPro is responsible for operation, ongoing maintenance and monitoring. The customer's needs and requirements are defined together with AddPro's specialists and the number of ports, switches and possible PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) requirements are determined.

WiFi as a Service
With the WiFi as a Service service, AddPro takes full responsibility for the wireless network. The full responsibility includes both setup and operation of the wireless network. The service is based on user needs and the physical conditions of your environment. With this service, AddPro gives you one functional responsibility per access point. Both the central platform and the access points are included in the service.