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AddPro has a long track record of moving, transforming and driving our customers' digital needs no matter how complex, and no matter where the delivery needs to take place (public cloud services, our data centres or on your premises).

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Products and licences are something that all businesses need on an ongoing basis, whether they are linked to services or not. AddPro works with most of the well-known manufacturers of IT products and software for businesses and organisations. We often have the highest partner status thanks to our many specialist certifications. 


When it's time to renew your IT infrastructure, the requirements are often there, but finding the right products to match the need can be challenging. AddPro helps with product supply whether it's workstations, conference rooms, printers, servers, storage or networking. We will find the best solution for you from desktops to data centres.  

We have our own warehouse and configuration centre which, together with our specialists and associated services, will help you manage the entire product lifecycle in the most efficient way for you. 

Our product specialists will help you find the right products to meet your requirements. We also have a team to help you find the right level of service for your products to make it as flexible and cost-effective as possible.


We live more and more in a subscription economy, and licences for the software used are paid per month per user. This approach naturally offers great opportunities to quickly change and adapt licensing to current needs, costs and usage levels.  

There are many licenses, some unique in functionality and others more or less overlapping. It is challenging to find the right combination to get the desired functionality at what is most economically advantageous.With subscription-based licenses, it is easy for licenses to be merely extended, unused licenses are not reported and remain as an unnecessary cost. The licence must also be linked to the end-user or the specific system and has different durations that must be controlled.

AddPro's licensing specialists know what licenses are available, what is included and how to combine licenses to achieve the desired result at the lowest cost. We can analyze license utilization and make recommendations for improvements.  

In our Marketplace portal, you can manage your licences yourself and scale up/down as your needs change. Our service desk can help with licence assignment or create a cloud-based solution that simplifies life with automatic assignment.  

Book a meeting with one of our licensing specialists to review the current situation and then discuss further to find the best and most cost-effective licensing model. We can then help with automated management, service desk support or you can take control yourself using our licensing portal. 

AddPro's product licensing specialist team is divided into the following areas of expertise:

  • Software
  • Datacenter
  • Print
  • Digitisation
  • Workplace
  • Service