Project management

Good project management is a key success factor for any project and we at AddPro see examples of this every day. AddPro's project managers have a long collective experience in running various kinds of IT-related projects as well as development projects.

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IT projects tend to be quite complex, and they can also involve mission-critical functions that must not be down for too long or at inappropriate times. Managing such complexity requires a competent project manager who is allowed to plan, coordinate and manage the project in a structured and methodical way.

With an AddPro project manager at the helm, you as a customer can feel confident that the project is in good hands. Our project managers work according to established project models and involve you as a client in relevant issues, so you don't have to worry about missing out.

Typically, a project manager from AddPro is involved in project deliveries where AddPro's technology or consulting services are to be delivered, ranging from infrastructure, implementation to application development and integrations. In this case, hiring an AddPro project manager will be a great advantage as resource allocation and assignment is handled internally at AddPro. However, AddPro's project managers can also manage projects without other AddPro resources. Usually project management services are delivered on an ongoing basis, but can also be part of larger engagements where the client wants a bundled delivery.