Business Solutions & Applications

Digitalisation means that applications are becoming more real-time, interconnected and changeable.

Information is also increasingly becoming a business-critical commodity for both making the right decisions and for automation. At the same time, solutions need to be manageable, monitored and accessible.

  • Are you acting on the right facts, or are you reacting to the first best fact?
  • Can you quickly adapt to new business models and ways of working?
  • Is your biggest asset information scattered in different business systems and do they create the right conditions to get the whole picture?
  • Have you managed to gather and link your information to create value and in terms of productivity and insights?
  • What happens if your systems and integrations are not available when they are needed most?

AddPro helps you with the entire process from requirements gathering to selection of the best technical solutions to implementation, management and support. With AddPro's experience in building intranets, external web bars, apps and data warehouses, we can present and collect information for your employees and external partners and customers. Quite simply, we help you create value from your information.