Security threats are increasing and becoming more sophisticated, prompting the need for modern and effective security solutions. Nowadays, all organisations are potential hunting grounds where threats in various forms have gone from the exception to the new normal.

Secure your assets and minimise risk

We have moved from a world where there were clear dividing lines between internal networks and what happened outside company walls to an open, flexible everyday life with remote working, more and more connected devices and new, smart cloud services. All of which puts increased pressure on businesses today when it comes to security.

Our new world of remote working, connected devices and cloud-based services means that businesses need to look at data security in a whole new way.

Based on Zero Trust, AddPro offers comprehensive solutions in all areas of security, with automation and artificial intelligence at the heart of protecting your organisation's identities, devices, applications and networks. Furthermore, we also ensure that laws and regulations are followed and that all employees are equipped for the threats they will inevitably be exposed to.

For monitoring and incident management, AddPro also offers a more modern SOC (Security Operations Center) where proactivity and automation are key components. The offering also includes tailored environmental monitoring to ensure that newly discovered vulnerabilities and threats are addressed before they can cause damage.