Customer at AddPro

As a customer of AddPro, you have the opportunity to use our digital services and portals around the clock. Read more about each service via the links below. If you wish to access any of the systems or are curious to know more, please contact your business contact at AddPro.

Writing services

Document management is today one of the most prioritised areas where companies want to digitise their processes and thus need to digitise the documents they use. By scanning everything that comes into the company, you can put everything into a document management system that makes everything searchable and easily accessible to employees, no more searching through binders and where the information is only physically in one place.

AddPro Asset

The ordering portal in frontPORT gives you as a customer of AddPro the possibility to order products as well as services with different suppliers as recipients. Here you can also choose to view the current stock balance of selected products. The attestation flow is logically structured and there are many options as all fields in both the Order Portal and Asset are dynamically structured and you can choose how the information is presented. If you are interested in knowing more please contact your business contact at AddPro and they will help you.