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Does your workplace need an update? Step into the future with Microsoft Viva.

Discover tomorrow's employee platform! Tired of looking for that presentation saved on someone else's desk? Or working in silos in the hybrid workplace? Unfortunately, in many companies, old intranets and fragmented communication flows are not uncommon - especially when it comes to the digital office. With Microsoft Viva, you not only get a common platform for communication, learning and knowledge, but also a more cost-effective way to maximise the benefits of your Microsoft licences. 

Perhaps you have already received an email from the sender, Viva Insight? That's just a fraction of what Microsoft Viva has to offer. With several different modules and sub-categories, Viva gives you access to a wealth of tools and apps for skills and performance development. The purpose? To engage and streamline the daily lives of remote workers. 

"It's something that happens to us as people when we get together in the same room and hang out. Viva is an attempt to replace the physical meeting and bridge the gap that occurs in the hybrid workplace. It allows employees to feel a sense of belonging to the organisation and to see their own context in the bigger picture. "

-Edvard Wikström, Productivity and Cloud Consultant at AddPro

Do more with less

Microsoft Viva is not just a product, but an employee platform that enhances the employee experience and helps you reach your full potential wherever you are - in your career and in the world. With information and shortcuts, Viva simplifies your daily routines and creates a clearer picture of what your work actually contributes to the organization. 

Because Viva is integrated with Microsoft Teams and Outlook, which many companies already use today, all features are aligned and easy to implement in your daily work and the apps you already use. An efficient way to do more with less, so to speak. 

"It may sound strange that a technical solution should build corporate culture, but that's what Viva is all about conceptually. The whole mindset behind Viva, and what we at AddPro are trying to inspire, is to create a positive employee experience and an inclusive culture. " 

-Leslie Qvandrup, Architect & Senior Consultant Microsoft 365 Collaboration at AddPro

Say hello to your new AI colleague

With Viva, you as an employee have access to different modules that all contribute to giving you what you need to develop, both on a professional and personal level. Through a combination of artificial and human intelligence, important information is gathered in one place, giving you an easily accessible overview of your daily work and workload. In addition, Viva gives you smoother shortcuts to find the right documents, improved communication flows with colleagues and managers, access to various online courses - and much, much more. Click here (link to article VIVA el buen trabajo - Creating better working days) to learn more about how Viva's different modules can strengthen your engagement in the hybrid workplace.

Do you feel that your workplace is in need of an update? We can help you implement Microsoft Viva and support you and your business in the journey towards digital transformation. Contact us at AddPro and say hello to the workplace of the future.