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Be more efficient with what's new in Office 365

Microsoft is stepping up the pace with the Office365 family, launching new apps all the time. The focus of these new apps is to increase user productivity and help them become more efficient in their daily lives. In this post we dive into Microsoft's product news that is recently launched and other things that may be of interest:

  • News in Office365
  • StaffHub
  • FastTrack
  • Licensing model for the future

Office365 is constantly being added to and improved

Microsoft is increasing storage space in Office365 Enterprise subscriptions. Mailboxes in the E3/E5 plans increase from 50 to 100 GB. The site collection storage in SharePoint Online is increased from 1 to 25 TB.

Windows 10 has launched apps for Teams, Delve and Dynamics (CRM). These give us faster access to the functions without having to go through the web interface.

For those of you using the Office365 Business plans (Office365 Business and Office365 Business Premium), Access will now be included in the package.

Office Teams is the "chat-based workplace" that allows us to work more effectively together. The goal of Office Teams is to bring together all documents and communications in a project so we don't have to jump between different apps/functions to find the information we are looking for.

Click on the video below for a short introduction to Teams, from Mikael Roos, AddPro.


We have more and more functions/apps now that we can use to communicate both internally and externally. The image below gives an overview of which app we should use at different times.

Overview of Office 365 features
Overview of Office 365 features


One feature that many people miss when migrating to Office365 is backup. Microsoft protects your information from hardware problems but not from human error and viruses that may require you to re-read your information.
AddPro has therefore launched a new service, Office365 Backup, where we ensure the backup of your information stored in Office365.


StaffHub is another new feature that demonstrates the pace of development in Office365. With the new StaffHub, we have the opportunity to share schedules, information, tasks and messages in a group with an efficient tool. The target audience is, for example, store employees, staff who are out in the field and so on, and who may not have a computer to access company-related information. There is an app that the employee downloads into their mobile phone, providing a simple interface for communication with their manager.
StaffHub is included free of charge in Office365 plans K1, E1, E3 and E5. The app is available for iOS and Android.
More information about StaffHub can be found here: microsoft-staffhub-is-here

Fast Track

To help us get started and use more features than email in Office365, Microsoft offers a program called Fast Track. This program offers tools and expert help from Microsoft to help you streamline your work faster. Depending on the number of subscriptions purchased, some financial compensation is also available.
Fast Track is available for both Office365, EMS (Enterprise Mobility + Security) and Windows.

The licenses users will need in the future

We need to think differently in the future when licensing users for the new mobile way of working. It is no longer possible to renew existing licences as we have done for the last 10-20 years.
The licences that we have historically renewed more or less automatically on an annual basis need to be replaced by new licensing models to allow us to work efficiently and flexibly.
The advantage of most of the new suites for Microsoft cloud services is that they also cover the licensing for the environment and functions that we still have in our own data centre.
There is an appendix in the Microsoft Product Terms that gives a good overview on this.
Below is a snippet from that appendix.
In summary, if we license our users with Office365 E3 and EMS along with Windows 10 Enterprise, we are licensing our users for what we currently have on-premises and any new cloud services.

 Overview of EMS plans
Overview of EMS plans

To see the full matrix click here


What we continue to see is a rapid pace of development from Microsoft and no signs of it slowing down. The new apps that Microsoft is developing are focused on making our daily work easier. The majority of these new apps being launched are part of existing Office365 plans.
We will be holding Lunch & Learns this spring where we will go through and demonstrate the new features and give tips on how you can be more efficient in your daily work. Interested? Contact

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