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Build apps in PowerApps for more efficient business processes and harness the power of innovation in your company

The AddPro DiscoverIT workshop focuses on communication and collaboration on the Microsoft Office 365 platform. Now comes OptimizeIT, the next step on the journey to more efficient processes. OptimizeIT helps companies optimize their business processes using the capabilities offered by Microsoft PowerApps. We talked to Mikael Roos, Application Integrator at AddPro about the workshop he helped develop.

What are PowerApps?

Launched in early 2017, Microsoft PowerApps is a cloud-based app development tool that makes it easy to build, test and publish apps without writing advanced code and provides a drag-and-drop graphical interface.

To automate processes and create flows linked to PowerApps, we can use Microsoft Flow. With a simple and graphical interface, we can build integrations between cloud services and streamline the company's business processes.

What prompted you to develop the new OptimizeIT workshop?

It was a logical step to develop a follow-up to our DiscoverIT workshop, which has been running for several years and has been very much appreciated by those who attended. We feel there is a need for further development for those who want to go further in their efficiency improvement. This resulted in a workshop to help companies get started building apps and process flows in the Power Platform. PowerApps and Flow have a focus on business processes, which we think is very timely and can help many companies become more efficient.

So much can be done with Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence today without large investments in resource-intensive development. At AddPro, we get excited about new and exciting technology and when it can help our customers, we want to capture it immediately. We want to take advantage of the opportunities that developments in these areas offer.

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Which companies is the workshop aimed at?

OptimizeIT is for all companies that are curious about what the Power Platform can offer. Although it's about technology, we don't necessarily address the IT department. Rather, it is the business developer or someone in the management team who wants to drive innovation and improve internal processes who will benefit from the workshop.

DiscoverIT Guide

Do I need to take DiscoverIT before this workshop?

It is not necessary but it is a recommendation. There are no formal prerequisites other than being curious and interested in the possibilities offered by digitalisation. A willingness to test is also good to bring to the workshop. There is no exam at the end of the day and no diploma or certificate will be awarded. The workshop aims to inspire and arouse curiosity. We want you as a participant to open your eyes to what is possible and to have the chance to try it out for yourself.

The workshop is not a PowerPoint presentation. It starts theoretically but quickly becomes hands-on, with everyone sitting at a computer with the tools installed. You'll get to try out PowerApps and the built-in features for things like database links, user management, backup and publishing apps.

What can I expect as a participant?

The workshop is usually tailored to the wishes and needs of the participants. We always do a review before our workshops to gauge expectations and whether there is a concrete case to work with. This could be about provisioning, creating new processes based on cloud services or finding new ways of working - setting up document templates and information structure.

Do you have a nice conclusion on why to attend the workshop?

Our goal with the workshop is to show how easy it is to build apps and services in PowerApps, without calling in a development team. Digital transformation has meant that what took weeks and months 10 years ago, we can now do in hours and days.

I highly recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to get tools that can help streamline their processes and keep up with the ever faster pace of change. The curiosity and desire to embrace innovation is becoming increasingly important in the digital world and can ultimately be the key to profitability.

Have we aroused your curiosity? Want to learn how to build apps that streamline your processes? Do you want a fun and educational half-day that focuses on an actual problem you're struggling with? Sign up for OptimizeIT workshops now! What do you have to lose?