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Why security is more than backups, passwords and firewalls

The modern way of working requires you to protect your information and the identity of you and your users. If someone accesses your identity, you compromise your information security. If you don't secure your information properly, you have no control over where your information is.

New security thinking takes over the IT world

Historically, traditional security features such as backups, passwords and firewalls have been used to protect your company's information. As cloud-based services increase, the need for security is also changing.

So what does modern security mean?

Modern security is about protecting your information and identity both locally and in the cloud. By analysing risks and using the right tools, you prevent unauthorised people from accessing your IT environment wherever you choose to work from.
As important as having an alarm on your home, locking your car, it is equally important to secure your IT environment.

Secure IT environment
Secure IT environment

The three most common problem areas in our journey towards a mobile workplace:

  • Password
  • Backup
  • Firewall

A common problem is that users use too few characters in their password. This increases the risk of unauthorised people reaching your information easily in a short time. Today's modern way of working places new demands on how you secure your information. Can we manage with a traditional backup, or do we need new solutions to secure tomorrow's needs?
As employee mobility increases, so do the demands on firewall functionality. The old traditional firewall is no longer enough to protect your information.