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DBA on tap - A new way to keep track of your databases

Information is the lifeblood of your business. It needs to flow freely through your IT systems without the risk of clogs and bottlenecks between databases.

What does it look like at your place? Do you have control of your business data and databases?

We often get into discussions about who owns the content of a database. It is common to have three parties in the discussion. The customer, the application provider and us as the infrastructure provider. Many companies and organisations have poor control over their databases. One of the reasons is of course the lack of an in-house Database Administrator, DBA, who is used to advanced troubleshooting and optimization of both instances and databases. We often see examples of companies that have very large environments and lack control over everything from backups to licensing. Not keeping track of your licenses often leads to paying way too much money for your environment. With the right expert help, you can reduce your costs significantly.

How often do your applications run slowly and no one knows what's causing it?

This question is not uncommon but the answer can sometimes be hard to find. It is not uncommon that the problem lies somewhere between the application and the database. Many times both the application and the database need to be optimized to achieve acceptable performance. Solving this type of problem normally requires a high level of expertise as both a developer and a DBA, which is a combination that is not very common.

Who calls the business when problems arise?

Of course, all companies and organisations have backups of their databases...or think they do. In our experience, only 10% of companies perform full restores of their backups annually. The vast majority assume that if something serious happens, it will be resolved. In our world, there is a big red warning light on those who don't do a full recovery several times each year. How dare you take the chance that your most valuable asset, your company's information, can be read back when disaster strikes? Incidents also have the ability to happen at weekends and at night, and who do you call?

DBAWe will help you!

Fortunately, qualified help is available 24 hours a day with a 15-minute set-up time. With AddPro's "DBA on tap" database administration service, you will always get help and you can be sure that your databases are always in good condition. We make sure that the databases are secure and that they work optimally with your applications from a technical perspective, without performance loss or interruption. Few companies can or have the time to do this themselves.

Today, at AddPro, we manage thousands of databases for companies all over the world, 24×7. It doesn't matter if the databases are located in the customer's own data hall or in a cloud environment. Our highly skilled consultants never let the databases out of their sight, updating them when needed, tuning them regularly, troubleshooting and fixing when necessary. Not least, they provide peace of mind with backup and restore procedures.

With the highest partner status with Microsoft and deep knowledge of Oracle and PostgreSQL, we can confidently guarantee you a strong partner who takes care of what matters most to you. Our partnership allows you to focus on working efficiently and driving your profitability to new records.

DBA - The AddPro Way

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