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Change rarely happens by itself - AddChange and the Microsoft Service Adoption Framework lead the way

Have your employees become tired of change? Are you constantly being told that they can't cope with one more tool they have to learn? Today, there's no point in implementing a new tool if you can't directly demonstrate that your day-to-day work will be more efficient and enjoyable. Change in IT affects the whole organisation and business development sometimes hurts, if not prepared properly with the help of wise change management.

Linnéa Henriksson, Change Manager and Mikael Roos, Cloud Integrator at AddPro have seen how the journey of companies has changed with digitalisation. Although the tools have become easier to use, more training and guidance is required than before. To meet this new need, AddPro has created AddChange - which is a business change tool.

AddChange is based on the Microsoft Service Adoption Framework

AddChange is a concept that accelerates change by embedding decisions in the organisation and training employees. AddChange uses the Microsoft Service Adoption Framework as a tool to harness the power of Azure and Microsoft's product portfolio and create lasting change through IT-driven decisions.

  • Simply put, AddChange is change management where we help implement new tools in companies in a way that ensures that the decisions in the boardroom reach the employees. At the same time, we want to help management teams make better decisions based on an understanding of the opportunities of digitalisation," says Linnéa.

AddChange has always been there

It is not news that users who are exposed to new technologies and tools benefit from training. It has also always been in the interest of management that tools are used as efficiently as possible in order to maximise the investment.

But new technology is not the only thing. Digitisation brings new ways of working, and the changes will be more profound than employees having to learn a new programme. Change today increasingly affects the whole organisation and has the potential to break down silos.

  • Training has always been a part of our projects, but with new technologies changing the way we work, it's becoming increasingly important. What we've done now is to create a service and a structured framework decoupled from the IT services so that companies can better see the benefits of investing in training," says Mikael.

DiscoverIT Guide

It starts in a zero situation

Every company has its own starting point on the digitisation journey. They have unique challenges they must overcome to effectively transform their business processes and practices in the new digital landscape.

  • Defining a problem is very much about what processes need to change. Part of the Microsoft Service Adoption Framework is about creating an understanding of why the business needs to change. We often start with one of our workshops, such as DiscoverIT," says Mikael.

Linnaeus adds that Teams may not be difficult to install, but it's another matter to configure it so that it's used in a way that makes work more efficient. A program that is just installed without introduction or training will not be used. No one has the time to get to grips with the increasingly complex services themselves to work out how best to break down silos and create a cross-functional and flexible way of working.

  • Together with the customer, we find the benefits that lift them out of problems and into more efficient processes. It's so great when a company understands the benefits of change during a project. A 'wow' and 'aha' moment that is just as fun to experience every time," concludes Linnéa.

AddChange and the Microsoft Service Adoption Framework are about so much more than just getting started with Teams. Does your company struggle with challenges around inefficient processes and siloed departments? With AddChange, you get more than training plus digital guidance; the sum of digitization is greater than the parts.