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Prepare for Generative AI and Microsoft Copilot

What is happening in Generative AI now and what we can achieve with Chat GPT and OpenAI can be seen as a new digital revolution. This is exactly what we have been waiting for in Digital Transformation. We have moved to public cloud services with huge data centers around the world. We have learned to work with new digital collaboration tools and unleashed the power of collaboration. Companies are now in the phase of securing as much as possible and implementing Zero Trust, to be resilient and minimize risks. All this will now culminate in an efficiency boost across the business using Generative AI. All businesses will want to be involved and take advantage of the opportunities so as not to fall behind the competition. Those who fail to establish and enable the use of Generative AI will be left behind.

Balancing technology, humanity and ethics in AI
To succeed in both the short and long term, companies and businesses need to consider technology and humanity, as well as ethics. AI will not replace humans and take over our tasks, but a human complemented by AI can replace those who cannot use AI in their work. With the help of AI, we can get rid of boring and repetitive tasks and have more time to focus on other things. Scenarios that we now see in front of us are, for example, a Business Chat bot that can support the management team with prediction and analysis, a Copilot that can give the project manager insight into how similar projects are usually handled, or halve the time for a salesperson to write text in a quote. To succeed with this, we now need to prepare and obtain optimal conditions when services such as Microsoft 365 Copilot, Azure OpenAI, etc. are launched. We need to understand laws, rules and the data that the model will handle. Information classification and data quality must be top notch. Training and managing an AI model can take time and requires patience and a long-term approach to succeed.

Navigating organizational challenges and embracing the future
In our partnership with you, we help clarify what is possible for your organization to do so that it becomes receptive to new technologies. We identify strengths and areas for improvement and how you should move forward. What challenge do you want to take on initially with AI and how do you make an example of it? Are there people in your organization who can explain to their colleagues what AI means to them? What value can it create if used properly? Does the organization have the ability to draw a desired future state and work methodically towards it? Do employees have the opportunity to spread the word and create a buzz in the organization about AI? How do we get everyone to understand what this is really about, and how do we get everyone on board? What is the risk of staying in the current situation?

Our offer
As your partner in Digital Transformation and with AddPro's deep expertise in infrastructure, security, data management, compliance and consulting, we are perfectly positioned to help you with the journey. Therefore, we have developed a package where we review your conditions for future AI services. We call it "AI Readiness Assessment".

The overall content is:

AI Strategy
What should be achieved and what value can we expect? We help you build the business case and find the low-hanging fruit.

Ethics and regulatory requirements
Humans should not be replaced, but training is needed to understand how the technology can be used. Are there ethical risks involved in using AI and what laws and regulations do we need to consider?

Data Governance
Is the information stored in the right place? Is Microsoft 365 used correctly so that Copilot can function optimally? Which datasets can be used in an AI model? It is when your own data is linked to the AI models that real benefit can be made.

Data Security
Security is a critical aspect of any AI initiative. The information needs to be classified and protected so that it is properly managed by the AI model and we ensure the digital business risk. We help you get started with the measures needed to protect and manage the data.

Infrastructure and Cloud
What does your infrastructure look like and are you able to use Azure OpenAI services? We review your environment using the Azure Adoption Framework and focus on security and cost control.

Licenses and consumption
What licenses will be required to achieve the desired goal? What is the cost picture in Microsoft Azure when we start consuming OpenAI and data management services?

Roadmap and actions
The assessment will result in a roadmap and a list of actions to take to enable your organization for the next generation of Generative AI.

With us as your partner, you can be sure that you have the expertise and support you need to successfully implement and optimize AI within your organization.

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