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Ignite in Chicago - SQL Server 2016!

This week Microsoft's super event Ignite is taking place in Chicago, and AddPro has a delegation on hand to catch up on the latest from Microsoft. For those who can't make it to the event, you can visit to watch live broadcasts and recorded material.

In addition to Windows, Office, Exchange, Sharepoint and other well-known product families, SQL Server 2016 was also talked about and here is a summary of the news:

  • Performance improvements in In-Memory technology for both OLTP and OLAP.
  • Always Encrypted, finally a security solution all the way from disk, memory and in the cloud, and without changes in applications.
  • Row Level Security allows us to set permissions on individual rows in a simple way without expensive application investments.
  • Improvements in AlwaysOn, as we saw at the SQL Rally in Copenhagen we can now round robin load balance from multiple secondaries to get awesome read performance as well as DTC/SSIS support.
  • Support for Windows 2016 and better scalability.
  • Stretch data - a table can be partitioned on-premise and in Azure, storing historical data in the cloud and most frequently used data on-premise.
  • New BI features including apps for mobile devices.
  • Query Data Store - version history of execution plans, compare how your queries are executed today and yesterday.
  • Temporal Databases -Oracle Total Recall? If so, we can easily see what a table looked like yesterday or a year ago, the SOX fans will cheer, the storage vendor even more and the DBAs will probably sigh.

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