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Microsoft 365, the complete subscription

When Microsoft launched Microsoft 365 last year, the goal was clear. A subscription for businesses and their users with a complete package that provides the necessary security and conditions for our users to work as smart and efficiently as possible. The focus of Microsoft 365 is increasing creativity, collaborating better, simplifying and intelligent security.

So what does this mean in concrete terms for decision-makers and users in everyday life?

Increasing creativity is probably a desire for everyone but perhaps not always easy to "take on". In Microsoft 365, we've seen a number of smart new features/applications in recent years that help us work more efficiently and smartly. Historically, email has been more or less the only communication tool in businesses. We've probably all been annoyed at some point by all the emails that drop in and get in the way. When we take the time to explore the new features available in Microsoft 365, we find new ways to do our work that are most likely to increase our inspiration and creativity in our daily work.

The collaboration tools in Microsoft 365 give us a platform to work and communicate smarter if we just give ourselves some time to create new ways of working and routines. We need to think a little differently and not do what we've always done (if we do what we've always done, we'll get the same results we've always gotten, not a better one...). We are increasingly collaborating with more teams and projects than before, both internally and with partners such as customers, suppliers and others. The demands for transparency and access to shared information are greater today than in the past, and to meet this effectively and securely requires the right platform.

Overview of Office 365 features

How can we make our work easier? It's probably a wish that everyone has but doesn't really know how to solve. What makes our jobs easier differs a lot depending on who you ask. But at its core, it's about removing monotonous and boring tasks. All organisations have routines and processes that manage and guide day-to-day work. Some of this we can automate and simplify if we use Microsoft 365 and discover the PowerApps and Flow applications. Completely free of charge, we have tools to simplify and streamline.

Security requirements increase

In parallel with all these new possibilities and more efficient ways of working, the demands for security are increasing at an ever faster pace. We can now access all our information from any device we want, wherever we are. So what is it that we need to secure. Unfortunately, we can say that our users are our biggest security risk.

To ensure that no unauthorised person reaches our information, we need to protect our users from identity, information and operating system attacks, among other things. Our information and documents need to be protected in case they fall into the wrong hands. We connect to email, documents and more from both corporate and private entities. Here are the tools today to secure corporate information on private devices. In summary, these security features give the user a flexible and productive experience without compromising security.

If we ask ourselves and our organisation a few questions, we can quite easily find out if we need intelligent security.

  • Do you know who has access to your data?
  • Can you quickly find and respond to an attack?
  • Can you protect your data across devices and in the cloud?
  • Do your users find it easy to manage information and documents from different devices and locations?

With a unified platform intended for the device and always the latest version of Office and Windows, we give the user a platform for smart, secure and efficient work.

All this is available in Microsoft 365 (Microsoft 365 is available in both Business and Enterprise Editions depending on the needs of the organisation). The subscription includes Office 365, EMS and Windows 10 Enterprise and gives you access to the below features and services.

  • Office apps
  • E-mail and calendar
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype for Business
  • SharePoint and Yammer
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Office 365 Threat Intelligence (E5)
  • Cloud App Security (E5)
  • PowerBI (E5)

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