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News - SharePoint and OneDrive in Office 365

Microsoft has recently released information about updates coming to Office 365 this summer. Many of us are waiting for improvements in the new modern SharePoint and the ability to create sites and pages that look great and can be published to the entire organization. OneDrive for Business is becoming more and more mature and the latest sync works great. Coming in the fall is OneDrive on demand in Windows 10 which will allow you to download non-synced files directly into the explorer.

Communication sites

Modern Teamsites linked to Office 365 groups have been around for a while now in SharePoint but they are best suited for smaller workgroups and temporary workspaces for projects. This summer, Microsoft will launch Communication Sites that are more tailored for publishing information, news, events and more to the entire organization.

Creating a Communication Site is easy and you can immediately start publishing beautiful and informative pages with new web parts such as the Hero web part and Events. Those who have tested modern pages in SharePoint today will miss the possibility of using multiple columns on the page. This is solved when "Sections" is launched and you have the possibility to insert a section with two or three columns that can be easily filled with text, images and web parts. Finally, there is the opportunity to build a neat intranet with modern Office 365 technology that many people already have a license to use.

Communication site

OneDrive on demand

This autumn, a new update to Windows 10, the Creators Update, will make it possible to see in Windows Explorer all folders and files in the OneDrive or SharePoint document libraries that are not synced and therefore do not take up space on the local hard drive.

When the file is opened, it is downloaded as a local copy and becomes available even when disconnected from the network. It is also possible to share the file with internal or external people directly from a menu selection from the explorer. Another advantage is that you don't have to go through the OneDrive web app to do the sharing.

OneDrive on demand



SharePoint and Powerapps integration

Lists in SharePoint can be used for various registers and forms and are easy to get started with. Soon it will be possible to build nice looking forms in PowerApps and use them when creating new items in the lists. It also works great from the app on your phone.

SharePoint and Powerapps integration

What's next when the news is launched?

One of the most common issues that comes up in discussions about Office 365 is security and backup of documents and emails. The biggest uncertainty we face is what kind of security and backup is included by default in the cloud services of Office 365 and if they are sufficient.

Not sure if your Office 365 solution is secure? Read also Why you should secure your documents in Office 365. In the blog post, we clarify what is included and what AddPro recommends that your business adds to have a secured Office 365 solution.

Office 365 is constantly expanding with features and tools. At AddPro, we help you find your way in the cloud and use the tools that best suit your business. We can customize SharePoint sites and integrate with PowerApps and train users on how to make the most of OneDrive.

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