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Start your digitisation with a personal tour guide

Digitalisation is sometimes called the fourth industrial revolution. But what is digitisation and how can it help your business develop more efficiently? Sara Lindström is a digital journey manager at AddPro where she guides companies and organisations on the journey towards digitalisation. In the Digital Journey Management workshop, she helps companies see just what they can do with digitalisation.

A workshop for anyone curious to discover digitalisation and develop their business

The Digital Journey Management workshop is primarily aimed at management teams who want to get started with the change process in a structured way. It is a tailor-made workshop adapted to your company and your sector. It doesn't matter what role you have in the company, CEO, HR manager, sales manager or business developer; the important thing is that you are curious about the possibilities of digitalisation. The aim of the workshop is to create a common starting point and a shared understanding of what digitalisation can mean for your company and what opportunities exist.
- Many people who get in touch say that they want a common language, a common platform from which to start their digitisation work. Some know a lot and others less, so it can be difficult to talk about digitisation and get a common understanding," says Sara Lindström.
Others feel anxious about not having started their change journey. During the workshop, participants will have the chance to think through their entire business together and find competitive advantages with the help of different business analysis models. It may be about understanding the technology or new ways of working that digitalisation offers. After that, the stress of "What should we do?" usually disappears. What should we do?"

Low thresholds to get started

- The aim is to lower the threshold so that participants do not think that digitisation is complicated and technical. Many people perceive digitisation as difficult and time-consuming. But it is not difficult! With the right support, it's easy to get started and it works," says Sara.
One way to lower the thresholds and get started is to work from a Business Model Canvas, a tool used to describe business models. It's best done before the workshop itself so that you and your colleagues have time to reflect on your business proposition. If there is no time or opportunity to complete a Canvas beforehand, it is done together in the workshop to provide an overview and identify development opportunities.

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Before the workshop, Sara goes through different scenarios and opportunities that digitalisation can offer. If technical solutions are involved, such as the Internet of Things, a technical consultant will be brought in to make relevant recommendations. But even if new technologies are the enablers of digitisation, Sara is careful not to get too technical.

- Recently I spoke to a local housing association who were interested in Virtual and Augmented Reality. They wondered if it was something their tenants could use to see different renovation proposals digitally. We always try to find uses for technology that suits the business.

Come home with a concrete plan and common ground

The workshop concludes by identifying the appropriate steps on the digitisation journey and presenting a concrete plan to start digitisation that participants can take home with them. This may involve developing an entire digitisation strategy or proposals for smaller projects. With a common picture, it will be easier to get started on improving efficiency, enhancing the customer experience and attracting innovation.
- It's incredibly exciting to be involved in leading companies on the digital transformation journey. There is a lot of exciting work to be done in this area in developing companies and their businesses. We are constantly updating the workshop, it's a living product and we learn as much as our customers during a workshop," Sara concludes.
At AddPro, we are passionate about helping companies work more efficiently and unleash the power of innovative business development through digitalisation. Are you and your colleagues also interested in attending the Digital Travel Management workshop? You can read more and book the Digital Travel Management workshop here.