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Streamline your way of working with Modern SharePoint

SharePoint has been with us for a long time and with the latest version, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online, new possibilities are opening up. We are moving away from what is currently called Legacy SharePoint and moving towards Modern SharePoint. This means that we will have completely new interfaces, a completely new way of working and a completely new structure.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint is one of the cornerstones of Office 365, whether you're creating a team in the new Microsoft Teams or using OneDrive for Business, everything is created and stored in SharePoint Online.

We have two different licensing models for SharePoint Online, Plan 1 and Plan 2. If you as a company have Office 365 Enterprise E3 agreement, SharePoint Online Plan 2 is included which means that we can use advanced DLP (Data Loss Prevention) to protect our information and documents and In-Place Hold to preserve information, for example if a document reaches a certain age we can archive this document automatically.

Microsoft is investing heavily in SharePoint and Teams. This summer we will see updates for both products and the feature that has been one of the most requested regarding Microsoft Teams is external sharing against partners.


Having a project site in SharePoint Online works great in the new Modern SharePoint and in the new teamsite. We also get an integration with Microsoft Flow where we can automate tasks with other activities if the list changes. An example is that you can create vacation requests in a SharePoint list where Microsoft Flow then takes over and can email the immediate manager about this where the manager makes a decision on whether or not the employee should have vacation.

Sharepoint online

Another new feature coming this summer is Communication Sites where we can create very informative pages for the whole organisation using Web Parts, so we don't have to program our SharePoint pages. Read our previous blog post about this here.

It is very easy and convenient to create an informative and beautiful Team Site and Communication Site without being a programmer.

Secure communication

Document management

A useful feature is the use of document templates in our document library. We can then control that all new documents created contain the company logo and information so that we maintain a standard for all company documents.

Taxonomy (or also division, order or classification) in SharePoint helps us to group labels and terms for our documents so we can easily find the documents we want to use. The new SharePoint Online shows taxonomy in an incredible way in our document library. We can start filtering documents using different properties. We set these properties when we create our documents.


For each project you create, or simply by department or division, a simple collaboration flow can be created with SharePoint Online. Share news in your Team Site, upload the latest documents to your own document library, share files with external partners, easily invite more team members - all from any device you prefer!

Does your team want to receive notifications when something happens or a special workflow? Easily build your flow with Microsoft Flow, directly from your Team Site.

If you think SharePoint looks too difficult to use, then we recommend the new Microsoft Teams which is a front to SharePoint Online where you can easily create your team, create different channels (topics, create up to 100 channels per team), start chatting with the team and keep this history for those who join the team later, share a OneNote notebook with the team where everyone can write down their thoughts and ideas and more. Add your favourite app as a tab in your team, you may want to add Planner to have control over who will do what in the project.

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