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VIVA el buen trabajo - Creating better working days

Viva is a concept within the Microsoft sphere that provides a common meeting point for employees. The idea is to be a hub for different parts of the tools, such as intranet, communication channels, meeting chats, video calls. At a time when hybrid workplaces are becoming increasingly common, a broad overview is needed to facilitate collaboration.

Leslie Qvandrup works at AddPro as an architect and consultant within Microsoft 365 Collaboration, Sharepoint and Teams. Primarily, he is an expert in collaboration platforms and advocates ways for employees to interact seamlessly during the workday.

"An employee experience is not just an intranet or a platform. It's more of a holistic experience that permeates the entire work," says Leslie Qvandrup.

The time for cooperation is here

Microsoft's concept of an employee experience is that it should bring together information, communication, knowledge and training. A catalyst that makes your own company culture grow and become strong. But today Teams is already something of a one stop shop for various tasks that are important for the user to weave together; isn't "Microsoft 365" enough as a platform for collaboration - is anything more really needed?

"The idea has been to redesign the intranet concept to suit the modern digital workplace. And, yes, it's Microsoft 365, but as a more unified concept - with some extra features..." says Leslie and continues.

"As an employee, you expect certain standards of technology today and are no longer satisfied with a fax and a wall phone. For example, you want to be able to work freely at any location. The point is that this new concept should work simply and flexibly so that you can find what you need in a very easy way."

That's why Microsoft has developed Viva!

Viva - a concept on four legs
Microsoft Viva brings together communication, knowledge, learning, resources and insights in the workflow. Powered by Microsoft 365 and managed through Teams, Viva aims to foster a culture that enables people and teams to be their best selves, anywhere.

Viva is divided into four different parts:

Viva Connections - This part weaves together the intranet and the Teams client and is the hub of the employee's daily work. It holds the section containing company-wide information and organisational news together with the MS Teams client, which is the employee's interface where the employee has access to project information, chats, planning tools and their tasks. As easy as an app!

In addition to weaving these interfaces together, Viva Connections provides access to panels that, together with the intranet, help users keep track of individual tasks from, for example, an employee survey to the day's lunch at the office's lunch restaurant.

Viva Learning - A learning platform where all training material is administered. A gathering place that includes follow-up of what the employee needs to do and what is available. The follow-up is linked to the personal account in the organisation and both the individual and representatives from management can follow up what has been done.

Viva Insights - A well-being tool with three main functions: keeping in touch with employees, receiving follow-up reminders and scheduling focus time. Insights looks at how each employee allocates their time and presents it clearly. Privacy is maintained because the employer does not have insight into each account on an individual level - but can see on a departmental level overall how everyone is feeling, how they allocate their time, how many meetings are taking place and how much everyone is spending on collaboration and on their own time.

Insights gives an indication of how the organisation spends its time and can be seen as an AI buddy, suggesting how the employee should structure his or her workday to make sense of the workload.

Viva Topics - Subject-based information and expertise, a knowledge bank that searches cross-sectionally across the organisation and builds new knowledge over time. Using AI, data is catalogued as different terms emerge and then linked to the right resources, expertise and knowledge data.

This will be the company's own Wikipedia, where you can collect information about terms, project or product names or acronyms used in the industry.

From these information concepts, one can derive documents, articles, websites and collaborators. This is done partly manually via designated editors and largely via the built-in machine intelligence of M365.

We help you get started

Viva is suitable for both large and small and medium-sized companies and businesses. Anyone who has some kind of common ground and corporate or collaborative culture will benefit from implementing the solutions.

"Getting Viva up and running is only an advantage because it makes it easier to guide employees along the right information paths. They will feel more of the whole of the interfaces and tools they are working in - we at AddPro can give advice on how to start and then move on," says Leslie Qvandrup.

Contact us at if you want to scan your own organisation. Microsoft Viva is the hub that we can help you get up and running.