As a result of the corona pandemic, the University of Applied Sciences decided early on to switch to distance learning. Over a weekend, AddPro ensured that teaching could continue to take place over the internet without the need for cumbersome installations for either students or trainers.

In order to protect its trainers and students from being infected by Covid-19, the NAC decided back in March to switch to distance learning for all its courses. Normally, the polytechnic has between 800 and 900 students a day, who needed access to virtual classrooms to continue their courses. With AddPro's help, a quick and efficient solution was created that was easy for both students and trainers to manage.

- We wanted a solution that didn't require cumbersome software installations on our students' computers. Because the changeover was so quick, it was important to us that it was easy for users. We upgraded the technology we had purchased for our two digital classrooms to work for all the school's lessons," says Peter Hampus, IT Manager at Nackademin.

Higher remote attendance

Even the practical parts of the polytechnic have been able to proceed digitally, with the help of virtual desktops created by AddPro. These give students remote access to the school computers' software. The feedback from users has been positive and many students have contacted us to tell us how well the distance learning works. Another thing the NACH has noticed as a result of the change is an increase in attendance.

- It's great to see that more students can attend classes when it's done online. Since we are a polytechnic, we don't have an attendance requirement, but we have seen a correlation between attendance and passing grades. It's still too early to say whether the pass rate will increase, but we're eager to see the results," says Peter Hampus.

Will continue with more online courses

The experience has changed the Nackademin's approach to digital teaching, as a much larger part of the teaching than they first expected has turned out to be digitally managed. Everything from digital classrooms, group rooms and virtual desktops has worked without a hitch and the consultants AddPro had on site at the Nackademin, to help if any problems arose, only needed to be there for three days instead of the two weeks first planned. Once the period of social distancing is over, the Nackademin will most likely continue to offer a larger proportion of its courses online.

- We believe that society as a whole will take a leap forward after this and more and more work will be done from home by digital means. Our job as a polytechnic is to prepare our students for the world of work. Learning how to work from home during the course feels right," concludes Peter Hampus.

"We believe that society as a whole will take a leap forward after this and more and more work will be done from home by digital means"
- Peter Hampus, Head of IT at Nackademin

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