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AddPro turns 20!

Today, September 22, marks the 20th anniversary of AddPro.

AddPro was founded by entrepreneurs Nicklas Persson, Robert Hansson, Magnus Norling and Klas Ljunggren in 2000. The driving force that united them was the desire to make a better customer delivery of IT services to medium-sized companies - a segment that the IT dragons of the time often neglected. With a burning interest in technology and experience from various positions at a major IT group, they built the foundation for what is today AddPro - a group with over 300 employees and offices in 5 locations. Today, 20 years later, we are incredibly excited and proud to be part of the IT industry and its journey where IT is now a key enabler of business development and innovation.

Many thanks to all our customers for trusting us to be your partner throughout all these years. It has been fun and inspiring to be part of your journey to strengthen your brand and increase your competitiveness.

We look forward with excitement to what we will achieve together over the next 20 years!

A huge thank you also to all AddProites, together we have created Sweden's leading cloud and application integrator - we do it with passion or not at all!

Curious to read more about how AddPro was founded and where we see the industry in 20 years? The questions are many and the answers can be found in our four-part blog series.

Blog post 1:

Blog post 2:

Blog post 3:

Blog post 4:

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