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AddPro nominated for the 2020 Competence Award

AddPro has been nominated for the 2020 Competence Prize, which is awarded once a year to a company in Skåne that is a role model in its work to create healthy and competitive organisations.

In record time, AddPro, led by Nicklas Persson, has completed an integration of two companies that the industry has never seen before. The merger has engaged the entire company and together we have merged two company cultures into One AddPro -The AddPro Way. This with continued growth and profitability where a major focus has been to harness and execute on all the expertise within AddPro. At AddPro we have the best behaviour in the market and this permeates all our communications. Our values create a business climate that stimulates the will and desire in all of us. One of AddPro's key success factors is our corporate culture, The AddPro Way (TAW). Our culture is not written on the walls, it is in all of us and we live it in our work every day.

"At AddPro, we have created a culture where employees have the opportunity to develop and deepen their knowledge and become the best at what they do. We never stop challenging ourselves. It is important to us that everyone has the opportunity to make a difference. Some of the key factors that make our employees proud to work at AddPro are that we have an open culture and a lack of prestige where we learn from each other." Jörgen Pålsson, People Manager

"We at AddPro are incredibly proud to be nominated for the Competency Award and see the nomination as proof that we are doing more right than wrong. Daring to do things and make decisions and then executing on these while taking responsibility for delivery is an important part of our company's DNA and a big explanation for our expansion and success. People who don't make decisions of course avoid some wrong decisions, but they miss out on making many correct ones, and then miss out on business opportunities and the chance to be part of influencing their own, our customers' and AddPro's development. So it's okay to make mistakes as long as you take responsibility to correct them and find a better solution, in our world that's business development as well as personal development! It is a behavior that AddPro encourages and supports in every way because we want to move forward and we want to do it faster than anyone else." Nicklas Persson, CEO

On March 20, the winner of the Competency Award will be revealed - we keep our fingers crossed and wish the other nominees good luck!

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