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Article - Increased teleworking has become a goldmine for today's cyberattacks

According to many surveys, digital incidents threatening corporate information security have increased significantly in the wake of increased remote working, which creates more opportunities for attackers. Many teleworking solutions were set up "in a hurry", are not set up securely and, according to analysis, threats are detected too late. Does your company have real-time protection that monitors, reports and manages potential attacks in the early stages?

We have moved from a world where there were clear dividing lines between internal networks and what happened outside company walls to an open, flexible everyday life with remote working, more and more connected devices and new, smart cloud services. All of which puts increased pressure on businesses today when it comes to security.

Our new world of remote working, connected devices and cloud-based services means that businesses need to look at data security in a whole new way.

- We are facing a whole new reality today where companies can no longer just protect themselves with firewalls, but need to protect employees, hardware and software, the information being managed and to stay one step ahead of the perpetrators of the cyber attacks, says Paul Mickelsson, CIO & CAM Infrastructure at AddPro.

The increased use of cloud-based services also requires a whole new way of thinking about the business-critical information being managed.

- We see a growing need to be able to protect against employees using cloud applications with poor security. AI and machine learning, among other things, make it easier to detect and stop aberrant employee behavior and catch when documents start leaking information to sites that are not secure. Through learning, AI can also resourcefully ensure that corporate information is handled correctly when it comes to laws and regulations around information management, says Thomas Öberg CAM Security at AddPro.


AddPro has chosen to focus on the Microsoft 365 platform and its applications, helping its customers secure wireless networks, connectivity to public cloud services, and communications between corporate systems and employees' personal mobile devices.

- We have noticed an increased need for our services, as today's lean IT departments struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of technology development. Something we work with on a daily basis. We also have a well-developed support, which is staffed with Swedish-speaking personnel around the clock, who continuously monitor abnormal behaviour and detect any incidents," says Paul Mickelsson.

AddPro's third leg for increased security is a global monitoring service on future threats, called Threat Intelligence.

- Our Threat Intelligence is tailored to each customer's needs and we ensure that they are quickly updated when vulnerabilities are discovered in any of their products or services. But we also take a broader view, gathering information from the web about upcoming cyber threats to a specific industry, country or company, for example. Combining that information with any incidents that occur against the company allows us to react more quickly and act to increase protection," says Thomas Öberg.

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