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A Christmas gift that makes a difference!

We continue to follow developments in Ukraine with heavy hearts and want to do what we can to help in this inhumane situation. With that said, we want to strengthen their fighting spirit and provide them with the means to ease the plight of many.At AddPro, we always make sure to practice the best behavior and live our values. It is in such situations that we are all tested and it is precisely then that we must stand up for our values, our fellow human beings and truly support those who need our help. The AddPro & the World Way! 

Given the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Europe and the world, we as a company and employees want to continue to contribute together by donating to the UNHCR's fight to save lives in Ukraine and help people affected by the conflict. This year's Christmas gift from all of us at AddPro will therefore go in full to Ukraine via UNHCR where we know the gift will really make a difference. We hope and believe that you share this sentiment. 

#AddSomeFreedom #AddSomeLove

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