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Telge AB chooses AddPro as new strategic IT partner!

After a careful evaluation and procurement of new operations and business partners in the IT area, Telge AB (Telge) has chosen to sign a comprehensive service agreement with AddPro AB (AddPro). The agreement runs for 4 years with the possibility of extension for up to 9 years and primarily covers the operation of central IT infrastructure with associated consulting services.

The Telge Group, which consists of a dozen subsidiaries, has issued a broad request for proposals for Infrastructure as a Service during the autumn. Telge IT currently manages the operation, maintenance and development of the majority of its infrastructure operations in a mixed delivery form consisting of internal and external resources. The elements included in the procurement consist of local network, data centre, server operation, database operation, storage/backup and consultancy services. All these elements will now be consumed as a monthly service delivered by AddPro.

AddPro estimates the business value to be approximately SEK 30 million over the initial operational period.

"It will be inspiring and developing to deliver IT Drift to the Telge Group, which we see as one of the most innovative and future-oriented companies on the Swedish market in their respective industries. The Telge Group has very high demands on its operating environment and also has a strong drive to develop this over time to streamline and create better conditions for its business to develop and create new services. We at AddPro are very proud to be entrusted to be Telge's IT partner in this area" says Nicklas Persson, CEO, AddPro AB

"We are pleased that the agreement is in place and look forward to working with AddPro to further develop modern and reliable infrastructure services for our customers" says Anders Rosberg CIO, Telge AB

AddPro AB (
The AddPro Group operates in the IT field of Secure & Efficient IT and was established in 2000. The business is developing very positively, is expanding strongly and is currently represented in Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Kristianstad. AddPro is one of the leading application and cloud integrators in Sweden. With a combination of top-rated consultants, strategic suppliers, selected cloud services, own data centers and 24/7 manned support, AddPro can provide customers with the best combination of solutions that meet high business requirements. In 2019, the business is expected to approach a turnover of approximately 1 MRD with good profitability and employs over 300 specialists, of which approximately 85% are technical business specialists working in one of the company's areas of expertise.

Telge AB(
The Telge Group consists of the parent company Telge AB and a number of subsidiaries and associated companies (Telge AB, Telge Bostäder, Telge Energi, Telge Fastigheter, Telge Hovsjö, Telge Inköp, Telge Nät, Telge, Tillväxt, Telge Återvinning, Södertälje Hamn, Tom Tits Experiment, SYVAB, Söderenergi, Glasberga). . The entire Telge Group is owned by the Municipality of Södertälje. Together with the business community, we have started several successful companies based on sustainable development. As an upstart in the market, we constantly challenge and create choices for our customers.



For further information please contact:
Nicklas Persson, AddPro AB, +46 736 25 75 50,
Anders Rosberg, Telge AB, 08-55 022 348

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