The difference you are looking for.

We love challenges and being challenged, especially when it comes to guiding you and your business through digital transformation.

That's why we want to get to know you for real, to get that "walk-in-your-shoes" feeling, because only then can we create the difference you're looking for. We also want to do it with sustainability in mind and innovation at the core so that your business is ahead of your competitors.

At AddPro there are no big egos or magicians. Our superpower is listening carefully, solving your 1000-bit puzzle and rolling up our sleeves for a seriously dedicated job.

We challenge the expected and develop solutions that take your business several steps further - in the most environmentally friendly and circular way possible. Because we know there are no shortcuts to a better future. We have all the technology you can think of and an experience bank "to die for". But fancy futuristic solutions are never the end goal - they have to serve the business and the people who will use them efficiently, not least you!

Are you ready to take the next step in your career?

Creating the difference In the cloud and on the ground.

At AddPro we really make a difference! 

In the cloud, where many of the future's most powerful services and features are located. On the ground, where we build personal relationships with our customers and with each other. 

For us, 24/7 is much more than a few numbers and a description of our opening hours. It represents the number of hours we spend making a positive difference for all our employees and for all our customers. It is we, the collective, who have challenged our customers and ourselves to be better and to achieve more.

Since its inception in 2000, we have had a relentless drive to continually evolve to become a better partner to our customers and to create a world-class workplace.  

We do it with passion or not at all. We always go all in and we always support our colleagues when they need it most. Going the extra mile or making the extra call are part of our superpower that allows us to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. We are AddPro and this is how we make a difference, 24/7! 

Changing the game.

With the highest skills, the greatest passion and the best behaviour on the market. We solve complex business challenges, find innovative ways and create competitiveness for our partners.

AddPro operates in the field of IT as a Digital Transformation Partner for secure, operational & efficient IT. AddPro was established in 2000 and the business has developed very positively, is expanding strongly and is today represented in Malmö, Stockholm Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Kristianstad, Copenhagen, Jutland and South Zealand with over 500 employees.
With a combination of top-rated consultants, strategic suppliers, selected cloud services, own data centres and 24×7 manned service desk and SOC, the business is able to provide the market with the best solutions within AddPro's focus areas.

AddPro is part of the itm8 group, which is one of the leading Nordic players in managed IT services for private companies and the public sector. itm8 is represented in 26 locations in Denmark, Sweden, the Philippines and the Czech Republic, has over 1,700 employees and is expected to have a turnover of 3.7 billion in 2022.

The AddPro Story

AddPro was founded in 2000 by four entrepreneurs - Nicklas Persson, Robert Hansson, Magnus Norling and Klas Ljunggren - with experience from various positions in leading Swedish IT companies and international corporations.

At the time of AddPro's creation, there were a large number of companies offering IT services tailored to small or really large companies, while few companies were targeting medium-sized enterprises. Nicklas, Robert, Magnus and Klas saw an opportunity to develop an offering specifically tailored to this type of business. Driven by a passion for technology and a common understanding of how customers should be treated, they decided to leave their jobs and form AddPro - a knowledge company based on excellence in IT infrastructure. The four founders were keen to build an organisation characterised by a strong team spirit and respect for each other's different skills. Above all, it was important to harness the valuable knowledge that each customer possesses. Growth was not a priority for AddPro, which had to be a niche company with an offering laced with the best technologies. The newly formed company therefore started on a small scale selling servers, networks and backup services.

A few years after the IT bubble burst, the need for qualified IT services grew and AddPro soon developed into a full-fledged provider of tailor-made IT solutions.
In 2018, after several months of analysis, AddPro and Svensk IT Funktion (ITF) decided to join forces and create Sweden's leading cloud and application integrator. With both businesses' long and successful history in the Swedish IT market, along with strengthened expertise, greater geographic coverage and a unique offering, it was a Perfect Match. In spring 2021, IT-Advisor, a security specialist company with a customer base of international companies, offering consulting and cloud-based services in IT security, was acquired. In autumn 2021, AddPro acquired 4Dimension A/S and expanded into Denmark. The following year AddPro became part of the itm8 group and together created a leading Northern European player in Managed IT & Digital transformation.

Our offers

Improving day-to-day operations and creating increased customer value are important goals for most companies and organisations. A creative, challenging and trustworthy partnership is the key to creating "the extra ordinary out of the ordinary."