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We all recognize the situation. Competition intensifies, demands increase. You need to do more with less. You need, in short, to become more efficient and more effective.

That’s of course easier said than done. But it’s possible, and when you succeed, the rewards are many. Higher profitability, more satisfied customers, happier employees. A brighter future.

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New strategies, new technologies, new ways of working. All of that is worth nothing if it does not lead to increased profitability. That is the very reason why AddPro exists – to help companies become more efficient and more profitable. Only a small part of this takes place with the help of the core of what we base our offer on: services and hardware around the technology.

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It is high time to get out of the old ruts. Certainly it’s possible to keep to one’s old ways and try to increase the speed just a little bit more. But with digitalization as the dominant driving force in the developments at suppliers, customers and the society as a whole, such a strategy will not take you especially far.

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Our specialist consultants

We have nearly 300 certified consultants who can handle everything from operations alone to the development of complex IT solutions. Included on our team are, among others, service managers (who are responsible for operations, delivery and facilities), incident managers (who manage acute problems) and problem managers (who provide ongoing technical support). In addition, we have technical project managers who can provide you with support with your contacts with various vendors, plus technicians with specialized expertise for handling complex problems.

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Axcel acquires a majority ownership stake in AddPro, a leading Swedish provider of IT outsourcing, application and cloud integration services. The cur...

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Both AddPro and Svensk IT Funktion (ITF) have an extensive and very successful history in the Swedish IT market. So far, the business operations of th...

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We are driven by a strong team spirit and persistent curiosity vis-à-vis tomorrow’s technology solutions.

- Nicklas Persson CEO, AddPro


With a hybrid of public and private clouds, Bravura has invested in a modern IT solution that streamlines and simplifies their work, making them more efficient. The training package from the application and cloud integrator AddPro facilitated the move to the new environment, both before and after.





4y in a row

Gasell company

Euro Diagnostica

For a company in the Life Science sector, with a strictly regulated activity, a migration to the Cloud is nothing one does rushing through it without a lot of thought and preparation. But with the help of a customized hybrid solution from AddPro, Euro Diagnostica has both increased the functionality and its reduced costs.

Region Skåne

Region Skåne is the highest directly-elected political organization in southern Sweden, with responsibility for medical and social care, public health, public transportation, development of good conditions for business growth, cultural activities, infrastructure, urban and other community planning, and environmental and climate issues in Skåne.

35 000



Departments in Skåne

37 MD


Sveriges Trafikskolors Riksförbund

Development of a complete business system for almost 800 driving schools with a related iPad application in the vehicles. All 150,000 students have access to a student portal with the latest in E-learning and Gamification.


Driving school


Driving teatchers




Procurator is one of the Nordic region’s leading distributors of personal protective equipment, hygiene wipes and cleaning products, along with products for catering, office supplies and packaging.




Products in web store


Office and stores

Nordvästra Skånes Vatten och Avlopp AB

Presently, Northwest Skåne’s Vatten och Avlopp AB (NSVA) supplies all the water, and provides wastewater removal services, to six municipalities in northwest Skåne. The goal is that an additional five municipalities will be affiliated with NSVA. All the municipalities own an equal share in the company, but their properties remain under the ownership of the respective municipalities.


Included counties




Offices in Nordvästra Skåne


Mashie is one of the leading suppliers of business support and services in the Nordic region for the planning and production of meals in the restaurant and catering industry. Plus within Internet-based recipe management solutions for the food industry in Sweden, Mashie is the leading supplier.