A few words about AddPro

We are a partner-owned, knowledge company with an expansive perspective that builds digital highways and develops smart, secure, flexible and cost-effective IT systems. You can take advantage of our 300 specialists as a skills enhancement or as a partner in your change project.

We have the expertise required to ensure that the modification or the implementation of your new system will be successful. Furthermore, we have the resources needed to manage your ongoing IT operations and support of your systems – irrespective of size and complexity.

We are careful never to simply preserve a situation, but rather we work proactively with solutions that are able to live up to your needs and requirements as well as those of those you interact with. We are helping to promote the further development of technology and thus ensure that you always have access to the technology and expertise you need for your business to function optimally.








AddPro was founded in 2000 by four entrepreneurs – Nicklas Persson, Robert Hansson, Magnus Norling and Klas Ljunggren – all with experience from various positions in leading Swedish’s IT companies and multinational groups. When AddPro arrived on the scene, there were a large number of companies offering IT services adapted for small companies or for really big companies, while few IT companies were focused on medium-sized companies. Nicklas, Robert, Magnus and Klas saw an opportunity to develop an offer that was specifically designed for this particular type of company. Driven by a burning interest in technology and a common understanding of how clients should be treated, they chose to leave their jobs and establish AddPro – a knowledge company based on specialist expertise and excellence in IT infrastructure.

The four founders were especially eager to build up an organization characterized by a strong team spirit and respect for each other’s different skills and expertise. And above all, it was important to take advantage of the valuable knowledge that every client has. To grow and get big was not a priority for AddPro, which would be a niche businesses with a portfolio fortified with the best technology. The newly established company therefore began on a small scale by selling servers, network and backup services. A few years after the IT bubble had burst, the need for qualified IT services grew and AddPro soon grew into a full-fledged provider of customized IT solutions.

In 2018, after several months of analysis, AddPro and Svensk IT Funktion  (ITF) decided to merge and create Sweden’s leading cloud and application integrator. With both business’s long and successful history in the Swedish IT market, together with enhanced skills, greater geographic coverage and a unique offering, it was a Perfect Match.

Our Clients

Nowadays we work with everyone from medium-sized businesses to international corporations, governmental agencies, public sector and other organizations.

Many to turn to us for help to increase the functionality of their system and to streamline their operations, while keeping their costs down.

If you are searching for an IT specialist who works efficiently, flexibly, in a relaxed manner, with a strong focus on future opportunities, search no further. We are careful never to simply preserve the existing situation but rather are always thinking ahead to be able to live up your needs and requirements along with those of your customers/clients.

All of our specialists have a high level of technical expertise. Since most of our employees have their profession also as a hobby, and thus dedicate a great deal of their spare time to following developments in their various areas of expertise, they have the massive commitment and depth of understanding required to solve complex technical problems, which they do with both focus and finesse.

Moreover, not only are they highly mobile, they can easily access other expertise beyond theirs that exists within AddPro, thus facilitating a flexible, creative collaboration and professional working relationship with our clients.


Contact us

AddPro Malmö

AddPro Malmö

Arenagatan 8 B
215 33 Malmö
Phone: 040-59 24 00

AddPro/ITF Stockholm

AddPro/ITF Stockholm

Visiting adress:
Tulegatan 13
172 78 Sundbyberg
Mailing adress: Box 2201
169 02 Solna
Delivery adress:
Götgatan 20
172 30 Sundbyberg
Vxl: 08 635 09 00

AddPro/ITF Göteborg

AddPro/ITF Göteborg

August Barks gata 6A
421 32 Västra Frölunda
Phone: 031 89 04 60

AddPro Helsingborg

AddPro Helsingborg

Rundgången 26
254 52 Helsingborg
Phone: 042-25 06 60

AddPro Kristianstad

AddPro Kristianstad

Videllsgatan 6
Phone: 044-781 42 00

AddPro Service Desk

Phone: 010 - 207 11 01