With a hybrid of public and private clouds, Bravura has invested in a modern IT solution that streamlines and simplifies their work, making them more efficient. The training package from the application and cloud integrator AddPro facilitated the move to the new environment, both before and after.

When Bravura recognized that it was simply not possible to implement modern tools in order to streamline its operations, they realized that the technical platform used by the recruitment and staffing company had reached its limits.

“We had a solution based on remote desktops that worked quite well for a number of years, but when we wanted to use new web-based tools, we needed to build on modern technology. We saw benefits in the new way of working,” observes Joakim Larsson, IT Manager at Bravura.

Essential solution for an extensive comprehensive consultancy enterprise

Bravura has five offices located throughout Sweden, with some 140 employees. They also have over 700 consultants associated with them out in the field, and thus need a secure and simple way to work with mobility and to access applications and documents. Together with AddPro, they chose a hybrid solution with storage and services in both public and private clouds.

“We recommended that Bravura move as much as possible to the public cloud, meaning in this case, Microsoft Office 365. This will make it easier for users to get started quickly, while at the same time they will have access to more powerful tools that make them more productive. As a bonus, they also benefit from lower operating costs,” remarks Mikael Roos, a consultant at AddPro, who continues:

“The operating systems and resources that are not found in the public cloud are available from AddPro’s data center, meaning in a private cloud – as usually customers want it today!”

“The brain is the Lime business system, which is used in all parts of the organization. It is a software program that needs to be installed on clients, but we access our database in AddPro’s cloud. Our Finance Department uses Visma, and there we are forced to continue with the remote desktop. This is our greatest challenge right now,” observes Joakim Larsson.

Exploring the Service Portfolio

Prior to the move, AddPro’s Experience Workshop DiscoverIT was implemented, so as to prepare the employees for the move, and to help them to transform and make their way of working more efficient and effective. After the solution came online near the end of the year, Bravura has been working to explore the Office 365 service platform in order to see which parts would provide the greatest benefit and value to its operations.

“We have our e-mail in Exchange, our personal files in OneDrive, and our shared files in SharePoint, but there are several major product groups within Office 365 that we have not decided yet if we are going to use them,” notes Charlotta Lundström, CFO with Finance and IT responsibility at Bravura.
“The next step for us is, to become experts at Office 365, and then to find out what opportunities and possibilities are available to us. We will shut down the pieces that we don’t have a use for, in order to reduce the ‘noise’ for users,” continues Charlotta.

The e-mails – a large part of the migration

The migration of Bravura’s IT system was implemented using Microsoft’s FastTrack tool. The largest single part of the move was the migration of the staff’s mailboxes which took place over a weekend, while the e-mail was being redirected to Exchange.

“We moved the documents to OneDrive and SharePoint more gradually, during scheduled sessions. This was a pretty smooth migration in technical terms, without any immediate challenges,” remarks Michael Roos of AddPro.

The next stage for Bravura will be the introduction of Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS), in order to protect the users’ mobile devices. Using Microsoft Intune ensures that the device has the correct management profile and certificates.  

“This is known as “device enrollment.” The phone must be managed by Intune, in order to obtain access Bravura’s information. Then one uses Azure Information Protection to protect sensitive data,” notes Mikael Roos.

At Bravura, they are pleased with both the results of the migration as well as the working relationship with AddPro.
“They really listened to our needs and were quick on the mark. They acted like were hungry and were keen to have us as a customer. We gained a huge amount of confidence in them,” remarks Joakim Larsson.


Bravura needed to replace its IT solution in order to provide better possibilities for mobility and to have a modern way of working. The previous solution with remote desktop had reached its limits and presented constraints.


With a hybrid solution consisting of both public and private clouds, Bravura obtained maximum cost savings and saw productivity gains, while they are not locked into Microsoft’s cloud platform for its entire service portfolio.


Via running some applications in the Cloud and some installed on the client, but with the information stored in the Cloud, Bravura has obtained greater performance and increased productivity in order to strengthen its competitiveness in the marketplace. In addition, its business data is securely stored on Microsoft’s and AddPro’s servers.

Source: Microsoft





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