Euro Diagnostica

For a company in the Life Science sector, with a strictly regulated activity, a migration to the Cloud is nothing one does rushing through it without a lot of thought and preparation. But with the help of a customized hybrid solution from AddPro, Euro Diagnostica has both increased the functionality and its reduced costs.

When the company Euro Diagnostica wanted to replace its local IT solution with a modern cloud-based service, there were quite a few factors to take into consideration.

“Ours is a very regulated world, so it gets pretty sweaty when making changes. The advantage is however, that we have everything documented, which facilitated the making of the inventory of the existing IT solution,” notes Peter Alfvegren, interim IT Manager at Euro Diagnostica.

The company is a Life Science company that manufactures customized analytical and laboratory solutions for the development of new pharmaceutical drugs and the monitoring of patients. In addition, under the Wieslab trademark, they are a private specialty laboratory for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases They are extensively engaged to carry out various types of tests for hospitals and medical labs.

The data which the company collects, processes, and retains is strictly regulated by both Swedish and international regulations. Previously, the company had a solution with their own servers on-site, but without their own IT technicians and with an infrastructure that needed to be patched and mended, the costs got out of hand.

“The company will continue to expand and it really needed a structure to grow in. The old infrastructure simply did not fit in with this,” comments Alfvegren.

The first step was to find a partner who would be able to help them in the transition and also to serve as a strategic IT partner in the future.

“We found AddPro, and choosing them was a very easy decision to make,” observes Peter Alfvegren.

The result is a hybrid outsourcing with Office 365 as a starting point where SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Exchange are some of the tools that establish the availability and efficiency Euro Diagnostica sought. And this without departing from the regulatory framework to they need to comply with. The new system has not only replaced the old one, but rather also offers a lot of new possibilities and opportunities for the company. Max Nilsson, who is the account manager at AddPro, provides an example of how to share documents in a modern way.

“For example, Office 365, enables Euro Diagnostica’s employees to work together on the same document, instead of sending many different versions of the file back and forth in e-mails.

AddPro has conducted several training activities, both on-site and via recorded scenarios.

“We have talked about how they can use and collaborate effectively with the tools available in Office 365, among other things.”

Euro Diagnostica is still in the midst of the transition process to the new system, but already Peter Alfvegren expects to see a hefty savings on an annual basis.

“Depending upon how many services we put on, we are talking about a 30-40 percent reduction compared to the old solution, and on top of that, we did not have a fraction of the functionality and capabilities we have in the new platform.”

In the opinion of Max Nilsson at AddPro, today there are so few companies that benefit by having a local server solution which is taken care by their own staff.

“One saves money by welcoming the Cloud in one business’s IT solution. I would say that all companies the possibility to improve and streamline their operations with the tools available in Office 365 today,” he observes.

Mattias Viderum