Mashie is one of the leading suppliers of business support and services in the Nordic region for the planning and production of meals in the restaurant and catering industry. Plus within Internet-based recipe management solutions for the food industry in Sweden, Mashie is the leading supplier.

Every day, Mashie stands for quality and inspiration for 1000’s of professional users in the restaurant and catering industry, for all activities irrespective of size. Mashie offers user-friendly IT support that makes it simple to calculate, deliver and serve specifically-adapted meals with the right nutrition, at the right price, and at the right time. Mashie currently consists of 34 employees on staff.

Mashie has a traditional web solution with a many of web servers located in AddPro’s data centers. The information is stored in a SQL database solution.

Mashie moves its focus from traditional server capacity from AddPro’s data center to Azure’s service-based delivery. In this way, Mashie can further develop their products in Azure’s cloud solution.

With the help of Azure’s flexibility, Mashie can continually scale its environment according to its needs, in a simple and flexible way. In the future, Mashie can easily build up and complement its environment with more capacity and services, without having to consider an expansion with additional servers. The price structure in Azure makes this a very cost-effective solution, as compared with a similar locally-based solution.

AddPro’s role is to be a digital tour leader in order to assist Mashie to migrate to Azure.

Via acting as a solution adviser, project manager and consultant for Mashie, AddPro creates a safe and secure transition to the Cloud. What matters to Mashie most is to have a reliable IT partner who has an overview over their IT environment and business activities, in order to create a cost-effective solution.”







Mattias Viderum