Nordvästra Skånes Vatten och Avlopp AB

Presently, Northwest Skåne’s Vatten och Avlopp AB (NSVA) supplies all the water, and provides wastewater removal services, to six municipalities in northwest Skåne. The goal is that an additional five municipalities will be affiliated with NSVA. All the municipalities own an equal share in the company, but their properties remain under the ownership of the respective municipalities.

NSVA presently consists of about 170 employees, all of whom are IT users (80 employees at the headquarters and 90 employees on the operations side; Operations has desktop IT, but most of the operating personnel are mobile). NSVA has 12 permanent sites where staff are based and work from throughout Northwest Skåne.

AddPro has been involved in developing NSVA for many years, in pace with the number of affiliated municipalities grows. By means of analyzing NSVA’s goals and needs, most of the operations have been redesigned to services provided from AddPro. NSVA has thus achieved a fully scalable IT solution that has the ability to either be expanded or contracted on a monthly basis. AddPro has thus assisted NSVA to obtain a cost effective and a sleepless IT delivery every day of the year, which assists NSVA in attaining its goal to be able to encompass 11 municipalities.

AddPro currently supplies the majority of all IT services to NSVA employees; NSVA goal is to act only as a knowledgeable purchaser of IT products and services, and where the system managers (system operators) develop, together with AddPro, the IT operations.

The AddPro Service Desk is NSVA’s SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for all IT issues. The Service Desk also handles all user support.

Most of the services are delivered 24×7. There are also what is known as capacity services, which can either expand or contract in order to correspond to NSVA’s demands and needs.

AddPro supplies the management of operations and maintenance of all PC and iOS devices (both smartphones and tablets) and communications solutions such as service to NSVA that include firewalls, VPN client services, and two-factor authentication.

Server Solutions (both physical and virtual) with backup, operation and antivirus are included in the delivery, as is e-mail, instant messaging, and document management systems.


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