Procurator is one of the Nordic region’s leading distributors of personal protective equipment, hygiene wipes and cleaning products, along with products for catering, office supplies and packaging.

With over 30,000 products in its online store, Procurator is a rapidly growing full-range supplier.

In addition to its head office and central warehouses in Sweden, Procurator owns subsidiary companies in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Estonia. Procurator works with the largest suppliers in each respective product area, and also plays an active role in developing new products with its own brands: Worksafe, Brage Protective and KBM Cleaning Solutions.

Historically, Procurator has taken care of its IT needs on its own. However, as Procurator has expanded, its dependence on the availability of its IT systems increases, as it is a direct revenue stream for their business activities. The management of the company quickly recognized that IT is a business-critical element for them, and important for their competitiveness, and therefore engaged in a procurement of an IT and business partner who could be relied upon to meet the requirements of its business operations and who could continue to grow with them in the future.

Procurator chose to develop its business and technical platform together with AddPro, who takes an active role in providing a scalable IT environment that grows in line with Procurator’s rapid expansion. AddPro’s proposals for solutions have, since its inception, been to offer solutions as a service (managed services) and a RightSourcing mindset, which involves locating the right system in the right place.

This has led to that Procurator has IT-related services both in the public and private cloud, based on the analysis AddPro has performed along with Procurator. What was important for both parties was to develop an IT solution based on the needs of the business activities.

Presently AddPro delivers a complete IT environment and user support to Procurator’s 250 employees in the Nordic region and Estonia. The IT solution can grow and shrink on a monthly basis, so as to be cost-effective and adaptable in pace with Procurator’s development.

The service management department at AddPro is manned and active 24/7, in order to monitor and ensure a stable and secure operating environment for Procurator’s system.

Today, Procurator and AddPro are close to business partners, where IT is an integral part of the business process. Technology and IT are used as an active catalyst in the business processes, thus becoming an important competitive asset for Procurator’s business model. AddPro thus creates competitiveness with Procurator with the help of IT, and assists the enterprise to grow faster and more profitable than its competitors.




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