Region Skåne

Region Skåne is the highest directly-elected political organization in southern Sweden, with responsibility for medical and social care, public health, public transportation, development of good conditions for business growth, cultural activities, infrastructure, urban and other community planning, and environmental and climate issues in Skåne.

Region Skånes collective intranet

VGI is Region Skåne’s primary channel for internal communications, with more than 35,000 users and over 500 contributors/publishers. The assignment involves the management and development of the RS intranet in EPiServer, with the integration of several other systems.

The intranet is a role controlled and information tagged, so that the user gets relevant information.

Publishers and editors control this by linking news, calendar events and other items to an organizational level.



RS eArchive is a proprietary product with an import solution and a read/search function for the management of all kinds of information. The system is based on a generic database. AddPro contributes to this support agreement with troubleshooting, fault correction, corrective maintenance and further development.

The Information Plattform

The Information Platform is Region Skåne’s central data repository for information management.

The assignment includes ongoing administration, provision of advice and support including answering questions as to issues that may arise, fault tracing and fault correction, corrective maintenance, as well as advice concerning the implemented architecture and framework.

Dental Care Window

The Dental Care Window is a web-based reporting system that was developed for Region Skåne (Unit for Dental Care). The system is accessible to both internal and external users and has about 2,000 registered users, most of whom are external users.

It is protected by strong authentication (SITHS certificates) and information registered into the system digitally signed. Dentists who are the owners of the agreement together with Region Skåne, can themselves delegate login and other access rights to other individuals at their clinics. The system has a number of critical integrations with Region Skåne’s other systems and services.


35 000



Departments in Skåne

37 MD


Jörgen Pålson