Sveriges Trafikskolors Riksförbund

Development of a complete business system for almost 800 driving schools with a related iPad application in the vehicles. All 150,000 students have access to a student portal with the latest in E-learning and Gamification.

In addition to this, the Swedish National Association of Driving Schools (STR) has six central websites and 400 local websites.

aSTRa WEB is the Swedish National Association of Driving Schools’ business system which is used by some 800 driving schools and 4,000 driving instructors throughout the country. The starting point has been to create an aSTRa which utilizes the possibilities that a cloud solution offers, which simplifies and improves the efficiency for the driving school and thus provides more time for the 150,000 students and driver’s education programs. The objective has been to minimize the individual elements that are required to perform the most common procedures.

The Premium Student Center (Elevcentralen Premium) is the site where students, teachers and parents can work together and see how the educational program is progressing. The Premium Student Center is an educational portal featuring all the latest in E-learning and Gamification. One can of course reserve, purchase and pay lessons here. Read more at

The technology chosen is a completely dedicated Microsoft platform with ASP .Net MVC, Ajax, EPiServer and SQL Server. With SQL Server, STR Service receives excellent support for multi-tenant and thus the possibility to allow multiple customers to share the database in a secure and efficient manner. The need to be able to further develop and transform aSTRa with new features and functions, and more client types, could be met with ASP. Net MVC. Ajax and jQuery are used to make the user interface as quick and efficient as possible.


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