A delivery rarely marks an end. Rather, it’s only a beginning. Since we are all living with change driven by increased and deepening digitalization, not just by companies but by the entire society, IT solutions must also constantly be further developed.

This is something that goes without saying. A system or application that nobody cares about falls into disuse and dormancy. It becomes obsolete and stops to deliver value. Eventually it becomes only an expense.

Therefore, we keep your applications and platforms living and up-to-date. Not only bug free and updated to the latest version, but also so that they always follow along with your company’s changing requirements. It makes no difference if the system or the application comes from us or from some other vendor. It’s simply a matter of protecting your investment.

This is of course correct. But we prefer to see it as you raise the solution or application to the next level. And then to the next level once again.

We of course also ensure that from a technical perspective your IT functions optimally at each and every moment.

Administration is also about helping the company get the most out of their IT platform. Therefore you can also receive user support when you choose us. Round the clock, if you so desire. Every day of the week.

That is how we view Administration.

Jörgen Pålson