Data centers

When you let us into your data center, you will recognize that you are sharing our specialists’ knowledge and skills. Irrespective of if it involves setting up a hyper-converged environment, enhancing your storage, building solutions for up-to-date disaster recovery management, or any other part of what is known as “Information Lifecycle Management.”

Our specialists have not only the technology in focus, but also your business needs. Without question, concentrating on your primary area of focus is an important part of the process to streamline and establish a transfer of the deep expertise and experience that is available from our specialists. Within areas such as virtualization, load balancing, storage optimization, disaster recovery management and application access, you create a modern platform with a stability that will give you the prerequisites in order to focus on your own customers and your primary business.

When it comes to the biggest trend in data centers, the trend towards hyper converged environments, AddPro is one of Europe’s leading experts.

It is of makes no difference whether you are a big or a small client. We feel comfortable working with all kinds and sizes of data centers.

We deliver value, irrespective of the size of your data centers.

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