Information is the lifeblood of your business. It must flow freely in your IT systems without the risk of obstructions and without any bottlenecks between the databases where the data lives and the applications that use it. With our service “DBA on tap,” Database Administration as a Service, you can rest assured that the databases are always in good condition, that they are secure and, that from a technical perspective, they work optimally with your applications without any loss of performance or interruption.

Few companies are able to do this themselves, or have the stamina to do it, in the same way as we are capable of; at least not with the same depth and breadth of knowledge and experience we can offer.

At present, we manage thousands of databases for companies worldwide. It makes no difference if they are located in their own data center or in a cloud environment.

Our highly-skilled technicians never let the databases out of their sight, they update them when required, fine tune them regularly, troubleshoot and rectify issues when necessary. Not the least important, they create security with procedures and routines for backup and recovery.

With the highest possible partner status with Microsoft and extensive knowledge within Oracle and also PostgreSQL, you can be assured you will have a strong partner who will responsibly take care of what matters most for you. All so that you can focus on working efficiently and effectively, and promote profitability.

Jörgen Pålson