Digital workflow

Document management is today one of the most prioritized areas where companies want to digitize their processes and thus need to digitize the documents they use.

By scanning everything that comes into the company, you can put everything in a document management system that makes everything searchable and easily accessible to employees, ending searches in bins and where the information is only physically in one place. Copying and printing are what most people know but the area has so much to offer that the site here is not enough to describe everything in this area.

All this can be completely customized for your business and expenses can be broken down to each individual and pay monthly. We call it document management as a function.

Examples of services included:

  • Delivery, installation and configuration
  • Monitoring
  • Automatic consumption alarm
  • FollowMe print
  • Customized scanflows linked to, among other things, Sharepoint and Office 365
  • Web portal with access to all printers and associated agreements
  • Follow-up and reporting of all issues in AddPro’s case management system

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