Digital Workplace

Whichever IT environment you have, the workplace will always be the most important tool for each individuals to produce the company’s products and services. The modern workplace is so much more today than just a computer set on a desk.

Today, a delivery to a company involves a lot more than that. AddPro / ITF has great experience delivering workplaces and was one of the first to customizing the workplace according to company needs.

We have delivered tens of thousands of workstations that have passed our comprehensive configuration center where they have been adjusted to such precision that when the workstation arrives at the company, you can immediately start using it and the replacement or new installation takes a minimum of time and thus reduces production loss. We offer customization from disembarkation to completed workstations at the individual level. All in order for you as a customer to make all the hassles of installation and packaging.


As the workplace and employees are constantly changing, we handle entire life cycle management, asset management, installation on-site , recycling and various forms of flexible financing. If you want to include mobile devices like phones and tablets in the same way, we’ll help with this as well.

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