We see no value in and of itself in us selling you our own solutions. To the extent they deliver a value to you, will they be the obvious solution. When we see that this is not the case, it is equally natural to choose a different service for you.

This is called “right sourcing,” a term which pretty well describes what it’s about. The right supplier for the right task. Some things are delivered most effectively from a public cloud service. Others should perhaps be operated at your location in your own data center. And others require a combination.

To choose correctly involves more than choosing the right solution from a technical perspective. It also involves support, type of contract, and product sourcing.

In those situations where we see that our particular offers do not meet your needs, we’ll help you to establish, together with our solutions, the optimal mix of services and suppliers.

Consider us as a highly skilled and experienced in spider in the web has your best interests in mind. One that is not satisfied until you have a foundation that makes you as efficient and profitable as possible.

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