Power BI, Decision Support

The right information is not sufficient in and of itself to enable you to make the right decision. It must also be accessible and understandable in its context. That’s when you reach for the Power BI tool, or as we prefer to call it, decision support.

When you know, so to speak, what you know, you can find the keys that increase both efficiency and profitability. You get insights that can help you find new ways to work for even better results.

In order for decision support to be genuinely useful support, it must be available whenever one needs it, from whatever device one happens to be using at the moment. Therefore, we use the Power BI platform, a part of Microsoft Office 365.

Our broad and deep understanding of business operations both in the public sector as well as in the business world gives us, together with our experience in system development and integration, a virtually unrivaled basis for developing decision-support tools in the cloud.

The area is undergoing intense development. Soon decision support is not just a way to highlight and present information that already exists in the organization. With new methods, you will also have forward-looking analyses.

AddPro is of course a part of the development. When you choose to work with us, your company will as well be a part of that development.

Jörgen Pålson